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  Program Assistants



Who are they?

Program Assistants are volunteers who play an important part in the Canskate program, and can contribute greatly to the success of a club’s program.



Skaters should have passed the preliminary freeskate test.
Be 12 years of age
Enjoy working with children

What is their role?


  • assist the Skate Canada Coaches in on-ice and off-ice program delivery;

  • demonstrate skills and teaching progressions;

  • supervises practice time;

  • lead warm-ups and cool-downs under the direction of the Skate Canada Coaches;

  • reinforce learned skills (follow-up on coach instruction);

  • lead exercises, drills, learning activities, and creative expression;

  • hand out awards and incentives;

  • take attendance;

  • assist with on-ice circuits;

  • provide individual and group assistance;

  • act as a role model for young skaters;

  • be trained on an semi-annual basis;

How are they rewarded?

The club may provide a gift of appreciation to Program Assistants. This gift is at the discretion of the club executive and can only be used for expenses incurred within the club such as club ice time, club dues, competition entry fees and club clothing. The gift cannot be exchanged for cash value at any time. The total value of each gift shall not be greater than $50.00 per 10 hours volunteered.