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  Test Days

Test Days are scheduled frequently during each skating season and provide skaters with an opportunity to be recognized through a nationally standardized testing system for achieving specific figure skating skills. In order to accommodate both parents and coaches test days will be set in advance for the season with a ‘blocked’ schedule posted 14 days prior to each test day. Final schedules will be posted 7 days prior. Please consult with your coach regarding which test days your child will be testing at.


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What are the Tests?

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Skating Skills

Skating Skills are a combination of fundamental skating movements, executed on a pattern and skated solo. The objective of the Skating Skills program is mastery of the basic fundamentals of skating - edge quality, control, power and speed. There are 6 Skating Skills tests in the STARSkate program. All Dances in the series must be completed before the Test is awarded.


Free Skate

Free skating consists of the execution of jumps, spins, footwork, field movements and stroking, either in isolation or performed in sequence to music. There are six Free Skating tests in the STARSkate Program.


Ice Dance

Consisting of seven levels of tests, the Dance Test program teaches timing, musicality, rhythm interpretation, structure as well as basic skating skills such as edges, flow, control and unison.


Interpretive (Optional)

The objective of the Interpretive program is to encourage and develop skaters' creativity, expression, musicality, movement, interpretation of music, as well as the use of space, rhythm, line and style. The program provides skaters with the opportunity to explore the performance aspect of skating without focusing on technical elements.


The Test fees are set by Skate Canada and include:

Skills $10.00

Freeskating element $10.00

program $10.00

Dance (s) $10.00

Interpretive $10.00

Competitive program $20.00

A judge’s fee of $5.00 for each group of tests is set by BSC. This fee covers food mileage and gifts for the Evaluators/Judges. These Evaluators/Judges are volunteers and they are not paid for their service.

A fee is also paid directly to the coach who partners with skaters for the Dance Tests.