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  Synchronized Skating

Program Director, Shelley Barnett

Synchronized skating involves a team of 8-16 skaters competing in one of eight different levels, ranging from juvenile to the elite senior division.

Synchronization refers to the unison and accuracy of formations executed by the skaters. Skaters, in a well-balanced program, will form circles, lines, blocks, wheels and intersections choreographed to allow for expression and interpretation of their music. Intricate footwork is used to enhance the maneuvers. Teams are judged on these elements in addition to their speed, program difficulty, style and artistic expression.

Synchronized team skating combines the beauty, elegance and difficulty of figure skating with the advantages and excitement of a team sport.

The Burlington Skating Centre offers an Intro to Synchronized Skating program open to all skaters who have passed the Stage 5 badge of Canskate. In this time the skaters will be introduced to the fundamental basic synchronized skating maneuvers, formations, and transitions in a social team atmosphere. It will be instructed by a Nexxice synchronized



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