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Consisting of seven levels of tests, the Dance Test program teaches timing, musicality, rhythm interpretation, structure as well as basic skating skills such as edges, flow, control and unison.

The dances in the STARSkate Program can be tried in any order but a candidate must pass the required number of dances in a dance test before proceeding to the next level. In addition to the traditional compulsory dances, there are also Creative Dances to challenge skaters' creativity, artistry and originality.

The Dance Tests are as follows:

  • Preliminary

    • Dutch Waltz

    • Canasta Tango

    • Baby Blues

  • Junior Bronze
    • Swing

    • Fiesta Tango

    • Willow Waltz

  • Senior Bronze
    • Ten-Fox

    • Fourteen Step

    • European Waltz

  • Junior Silver
    • Foxtrot

    • Harris Tango

    • American Waltz

    • Rocker Foxtrot

  • Senior Silver (any four of)
    • Paso Doble

    • Starlight Waltz

    • Blues

    • ChaCha Congelado

    • Kilian

  • Gold (any four of)
    • Viennese Waltz

    • Westminster Waltz

    • Quickstep

    • Argentine Tango

    • Silver Samba

  • Optional - Diamond (any four of)
    • Ravensburger Waltz

    • Tango Romantica

    • Yankee Polka

    • Rhumba

    • Golden Waltz

    • Austrian Waltz


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